Here I go.

The car is packed with everything I own (besides the 14 boxes of books which took up a lot of space and were heavy. But not as heavy as my vacuum packed clothes.) Many thanks to the friends who helped out.

But I’m off. In about 8 hours, I’ll be getting onto I-90 headed East.

When my friend Jessi drew the picture for my “Seattle” tattoo, she was getting irritated that she kept drawing in sets of three, rather than in the sets of four like she usually does. When she finally decided to just let it flow, she came out with a coastal-ized Trillium flower. They are very pretty, and quite useful, more more interestingly, they represent new beginnings.

I’m excited about the trip. I when I get to Philly it’ll be about what I imagine, but the act of getting there will be the true adventure.

It’s time for a new start.

Bags packed.
iPod updated and filled.
Road atlas tagged and drawn in.
Food stashed away.

I’m ready to go!