587 miles

Being horizontal is something kind of like perfect.

I’m propped up on way-too-soft pillows in a cheap motel in Butte with the Discovery Channel on for some kind of background noise. I’m a little perturbed by this show “The Colony”. It appeals to my fear that the world is going to end and we all need to learn how to filter water, but name kind of irks me. I haven’t quite muddled out why or what it is that’s bothering me. I do appreciate that they all seem to be trying to work together.It’s not as focused on the interpersonal drama as it is on trying to survive.

Today was a kind of short driving day because with one thing and another it took me a while to leave. The madness of this morning included getting Harley off to her first day of 3rd grade. What a great way to say goodbye! I certainly hope she had a more interesting day than mine, which consisted of steady rain all the way to Idaho and lots of audiobook time.

There’s not a lot that happens while driving besides thinking. I found myself contemplating this crazy move, and really trying to understand the chaos of the last few weeks. I’ve been in pretty steady transition since about the 3rd of August, and it’s exhausting. It’s not going to get any easier either, with a whole new life to get my head around.

But I thrive off of these kinds of challenges. Cindy kept saying that this is a launching point, a time in my life that I’ll look back on and think of as a turning point. I really think she’s right.

The cool thing is that all of the “basic needs” parts of this move are taken care of. I have a place to live, enough money to get set up without stressing about it, friends and family there to welcome me, and plenty of things to do. I will not be bored, I don’t have to figure out my niche or social life, and I have a place to live with people that I absolutely adore. This leaves a lot of my energy and time to focus on my job… which I am quivering with excitement over. Taking on the directorship of Neighborhood Bike Works is a HUGE responsibility, and I am a little bit anxious about doing a good job. I see this as a good thing though, as it will motivate me to work really hard and learn as much as I can about the job, the new and improved Bike Works, and the people involved. It’s like a gigantic puzzle to figure out. It will keep me entertained for years.

Very, very exciting.

I’m also excited about the youth group work with the tribe. There are so many cool projects and things out there to do with the kids, and I’m looking forward to sitting down and figuring out what to focus on, what to invest time and energy into. The last summer camp sounds like it was a fantastic success, and that success is paving the way to more and more FUN. There is no shortage of things to do. I spent most of Eastern WA listing things in my head. I’m just glad I’ll be 45 minutes from Cheswold rather than 3,000 miles.

I think the biggest thing I’ll need to work on is balance. I guess I do need to do something other than work… but is it work when that’s what I think is the most fun? I guess I come by the workaholism naturally. Ah well.