305 miles

Hanging out in St. Charles was great.I hadn’t seen Rose and Amber in so long, and had never met my little “nephew” Gianni. I rolled in late and passed out, after the intense drive through KS.

Sadly, I stayed in Brandon’s bed. I say sadly, because he wasn’t there to use up the bed and make me sleep on the couch. He wasn’t there because he is, like almost every young man in my life, trying to deal with some pretty major issues. I am curious why it is that so so many young guys are facing some insurmountable odds. What is wrong with our society? This isn’t a rhetorical question- has anyone come across a book or research about this? Why are guys from a wide span or racial and cultural background, usually lower middle class or poor, ending up on drugs and in psych wards? What’s going on?

Besides that sad undertone, the day was fantastic. St. Charles was a gorgeous little town, and there was something kind of cool to see the Missouri river. We had lunch, and walked around the old town. Then I had to boogey to Kentucky.

On the way out of St. Louis, I crossed the Mississippi. That was pretty awesome… Dad always complained about my move to the “wrong side of the Mississippi”, so crossing back over made me feel like telling him “hey, i’m on the right side now”. That’s when it hit me- I’m moving back. It’s hard to explain the shift in thinking, but it was subtle and real. I’m back home.

Then I saw the signs for Cahokia…. I didn’t realize how close it was to St. Louis, but I just had to stop and check it out. http://cahokiamounds.org/

I have wanted to see Cahokia since I heard about it when I was a kid. Walking through the main square was a powerful experience. It helped that I was alone and the sun was going down, all contributing to the powerful personal/spritual experience. I want to go back, and spend some serious time.

That’s been the theme of this trip- i want more TIME. I want to experience and hang out and just explore more. There are way too many things in the world to see, and very much too little time.

Here’s to hoping for a season to travel sometime in the future….