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We just left court.  It was a discouraging experience all around. The caseworker for DHS was recently reassigned, so the representative didn’t know anything about our case. Our agency social worker tried to advocate, but in the confusing and highly scripted world of court proceedings the argument for PLC wasn’t made clearly. The case was postponed until December. 

This is hardest on Jill. It means that her 18th birthday will be weeks after the court date, which almost certainly doesn’t leave enough time to make the arrangements. For her, PLC is increasingly less likely on that kind of time frame. 
There is the option of a board extension, which continues foster care until the child is 21. This could be very beneficial. But it does mean she has to stay in Philadelphia. 
For Grace it just means that she has more time to consider what she wants to do. It also means she has more time to be confused 
For us it means more dealing with social workers, dr. appointments, therapists and DHS/agency shenanigans.  The latest is that apparently the agency isn’t getting paid ahead of contract negotiations. That means we’re also not getting paid. 
For all of us it means more uncertainty and more open questions. This is perhaps the biggest concern. If we’re not a permanent home, how invested is everyone in making things work? 
All in all, this is a pretty unhappy group of people.